This looks like a beautiful project!!!

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I have some new furniture ordered from Kloter Farms in Ellington.  The sofas will take 6-10 weeks to come in.  So in order to make the weeks speed by, I decided to knit a afghan to match.  I chose to knit Wool Leaves by Jared Flood.

Kara and Betsy have made this for baby blankets a number of times and they highly recommended the pattern.  Quick, easy and stunning.  I am doubling both the width and length.  Hoping for a large curl up on my comfy sofas kind of afghan.  IMG_8562IMG_8563IMG_8564IMG_8566This yarn is Shibui Staccatio – 70% merino and 30% silk.

The pattern is very quick moving.  I am holding this double and knitting on size 11 needles.  I made this much progress in one evening.  I think I will be able to complete before the sofas arrive.

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