So, here I am sitting in my room, trying to be quiet, while someone else sleeps in due to a very late night!!! My eyes came upon this book and leafing through it I discovered how little I remember about history. You know, this is one of those books you buy for the coffee table and only pick up to dust. So, my New Years’ resolution is to read this book and remind myself about history…history of the world, that is. What an excellent book…I must write a review!!! History Book, An Interactive Journey, was published in 2010 (printed in China). It is termed a “storyboard of major characters, key plot points and crucial details of the moving picture of human history.” Included in this book are facsimile items like a page from the Gutenberg Bible. This is the way I like to learn…little snipets that I can see and read at any time. Pick it up, put it down, come back to it later is my mantra. I will keep you posted on my progress.