Thanks Ina Garten via Main St. Cuisine for this great recipe!!!   Started to make these and discovered I didn’t have any sugar…can you imagine that what with all the baking I do!!!

So…off to the store…which I normally wouldn’t do in the middle of trying to bake but…got sugar and made the donuts.  They were easy, delicious and my favorite thing…CHEWY!!!   I love chewy!!!   

I did have to go out and buy the donut pans before I started.  I did put too much batter in each indentation so the donuts look like muffin  tops on one side and a donut with no hole on the other.   I did immediately eat two (shape did not deter me).  I did make the decision not to put the melted butter on them with the sugar and cinnamon (these really don’t need it for my taste). 

I would say this has been a very successful baking day for me.  Go to Ina’s site for the recipe.  I’m off to make chicken pot pies with a very wonderful Parmesan crust.  I’ve made those before and they are unbelievable.  That recipe is called Fabio’s Perfect Chicken Potpie from the blog, Shine Food.   Enjoy!!!