A cupboard is a strange thing!!!   Things can go in…and never come out!!!   I find that true of FLOUR!!!   For some recipes, you need 1/4 c. whole wheat flour…or 1 cup white whole wheat flour…or 3 c. all purpose flour…or 4 c. bread flour…or 3/4 c. rye flour…or 2 c. semolina flour…or 1 1/4 c. potato starch flour…or 1/3 c. rice flour…or even organic flour (like when you are feeling really healthy)!!!  This means you go to the store and buy a 1-5#  bag AND do what with the rest???  


There’s nothing that makes me feel better than knowing I have all this expensive flour on hand in the cupboard!!!  And to make things really grand, I start counting the days until the whole wheat flour gets rancid and then I can just throw it away!!!   But wait…that flour will look like some kind of powdery narcotic to the trash men, right!!! 


I have begun to label all flour packages with the expiration date, clearly in view, so I can easily see when I’ve wasted all that money!!!   And, I know that some folks freeze their flour but…how much room do you think I have in my freezer???  And, another choice???  Put flour in the refrigerator???   I have a large, French-door refrigerator and really don’t think I have room for my flour in there.Image


So I have come up with at least some ways to dispose of extra flour.  I used whole wheat flour to make dog biscuits today!!!  Boy, I am going to have some healthy and happy dogs next door!!! And, I put a note on the potato starch flour to use it as a thickener in gravies.   And for all those health-conscious individuals who just want to get rid of the all-purpose white flour for health reasons, there are many articles on the internet concerning using it around the house or in the garden.  Nothing has to go to waste…except your money, of course!!!