I need to make this for sure!!!

citrus-layer-cake I loved this cake. I loved its perfectly imperfect messy abandon. I loved its sweet-tart Meyer cloud cream, made with the very last of my Meyer lemon stash, and generously dolloped between layers of cake. I loved those layers of cake: orange-zest-spiked, tender and moist, perfectly flat. I loved the droopy, thick & luscious cream cheese icing, made a glorious pinky-purple with a reduced beet purée, and I loved the finishing touch, a light sprinkle of homemade orange sugar, for color and swank and just that little extra sparkle. And I loved that it was glamorous, and just a little bit sophisticated, to celebrate the birthday of a nearly-grown-up-now girl of 10 whole years old.

And then: I drove to said 10 year-old girl’s house. And it all fell apart. Literally. Forty-five minutes and a cake’s lifetime away. And I did the Charlie Brown walk into the house, sad broken…

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