Guess what I made yesterday…macaroons!!! My granddaughter has moved back from Texas and now the cooking, sewing, looming, baking and other fun crafts begin. No…I didn’t take a picture for you!!! My mistake. They were pink and filled with vanilla frosting. Yes…terribly sweet and rich. We were very unsuccessful in getting them right…we even watched a video on the internet but…no success here!!! I thought I remembered someone posting macaroons and I thought I had made them but can’t find any recipe. If that was you…please let me know. We will try those again. My granddaughter wanted to fill them with ganache but I said “no” since I hate to waste product on something that didn’t turn out perfectly!!! And, many thanks to all of you who still follow my blog…I had a heart attack in April and have not gotten back to being myself…and…yes…I don’t feel that I was old enough to have one!!! Now starts cardiac rehab so maybe that will give me the energy to be more productive and creative.