resmashed potatoes 004

Couldn’t resist giving you a photo of the smashed potato!!! I changed the recipe a little bit. Cut the salt from 1 1/2 c. to 1/4 c. in the cooking water. Most of us shouldn’t have that much salt, anyway!!! Then, much to my dismay, I accidentally rinsed the potatoes after cooking. Didn’t intend to do that as the salt on the skin tends to look so good but…anyway, it’s done.

Baked the potatoes at 450 degrees F instead of 500. After all, it’s summer and hot out so who needs to heat up their house to that degree!!! I chose small white potatoes, boiled them to almost done, did the proverbial smash and dash with the cider vinegar (and actually my “dash” was more a “pour” after the smash) as I do love that flavor.

I’m anxiously awaiting the finish. I’m serving these with some orange glazed pork chops. Now, remember, I told you these don’t need sour cream and butter. You can eat all 12 and not feel guilty. Well…maybe you can!!! (See my post of 7/6/14 for the recipe).