Stop me before I eat all these chocolate chips or…I won’t have any left for the cookies!!! I was hungry the other night for a sweet…found an unopened bag of Nestlé’s Dark Chocolate Morsels…didn’t think they would be any big deal but…they are wonderful!!! They are DARK, FRESH, SOFT, and full of FLAVOR and RICHNESS!!! And for some reason, there is almost a “liquor-like” flavor to them (and I checked the bag…there is none of that in there).

Found two great recipes I want to try. One is Alton Brown’s, the chewy, and another is from Averie Cooks, also considered soft and chewy. Now I’ll let you know right now that soft is not my thing but…”chewy” is and you already know that!!!

So…here’s the plan.  I will make both of the cookies, provide you with the recipes and a taste test.  Oh, wait…una problema grande!!!   Just finished eating the chocolate chips so…this will be continued after I visit the store!!!