One batch done (Alton Brown’s) and one to go. The cookies look really good. I baked them according to his instructions (maybe a little longer than I would have).  Had only one catastrophic event (I know you have these and don’t tell anyone)!!! My potholder hit one of the cookies almost destroying it so I removed it from the baking sheet with an off-set spatula. Little did I know that some of the cookie fell on my kitchen carpet…was smeared by my shoe…then was walked into the living room where it stained the rug in three places. Oh, great…now we get to see how hard it is to remove CHOCOLATE!!!

Luckily, the cookies were out of the oven and I had plenty of time as the other recipe required a couple of hours of chilling. I need to tell you that it all cleaned up very nicely and I will try harder with the next ones not to drop any on the floor!!! Now, if I had a dog he would have spotted my accident right away, eaten the debris off the floor and maybe even licked it clean!!!