Everything is ready for my great test. Two recipes (both touted as being very good) flavorful and chewy (you know how I love chewy). Went out last night and bought bread flour for one (hate to do that because you know it will end up in the back of the cupboard…already discussed that with you once). Had to buy instant vanilla pudding for one, also, which I didn’t have.

Got rid of the car today, too, so I’m stuck unable to go anywhere!!! That secures my ability to stay here and concentrate on these recipes.

Thought you might enjoy a picture of the scoop I use for my cookies. It’s actually probably (I know that’s not correct English but I’ve made that into an adjective clause)  an ice cream scoop…it holds about 4 teaspoons…and it is my FAVE (that’s not exactly a word but it works for me)!!!  You didn’t know this was going to be a Basic Grammar Challenge, did you???


cookie scoop 004