farm result 011

Don’t these vegetables just look absolutely beautiful??? Good enough to eat…good enough to photograph…good enough to share!!! Yes, sharing is good!!! Everything is organic (I know that is important to you) and FRESH (how much more fresh can you get than being picked just a few hours ago).

In the back left is Napa Cabbage so I’m going to really try to make something different with it (maybe Kimchi). And, front left is zucchini which I have never used for zucchini bread but…I may try that. The fennel in the basket is calling to me to do SOMETHING with it. That’s always a challenge. I already decided to make broccoli soup and the onions (Oh, how I love onions) will be put to good use. I think I eat them every day in something???

Now, I didn’t mention that KALE because…it’s already spoken for!!! That just about does it. Off to the kitchen to cut and chop and cook. Sounds like the rest of my day will be busy…busy with a labor of love, I assure you!!!