Bottomless Bounty 015

I know you’ve been waiting for me to get home from the farm today so you could see the fruits of my labor…I mean vegetables and fruits of my labor. What a bounty I brought home.    Can you see it all???

There is zucchini, brocciflower, fennel, green pepper, cucumber, basil, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, one unusual tomato, green and yellow beans, onions, parsley, jalapenos, and POTATOES, LOTS OF POTATOES. We had some helpers who were really good sports and volunteered to pull out the potatoes (a very challenging job)!!! I must admit, I’m glad it wasn’t me!!! So now, to find room for it all in my house…then decide what to make with it…and decide who’s going to eat it…and now I think I need a nap before all that deciding!!!