cruisin hines 174

I can still hear the roar of burning rubber on the street below!!! Cruisin’ Hines isn’t over yet…the drivers won’t let it be over yet!!! I took lots of photos until my memory card was full (having camera troubles). That was the first debacle. Then, didn’t get a photo of Da Bushwacker for this year but…did get a ride down Hines Drive in it so I feel pretty good about that!!!

I’m already making plans for the next cruise:
1. Take food.
2. Take lots of bug spray.
3. Take something to drink.
4. Take a workable camera with lots of memory.
5. Take a chair again, maybe two.

A good time was had by all. Here’s hoping next year will be the same. Maybe by then I will have my Mustang and can join the procession!!!