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I feel like Franz Schubert and his unfinished symphony!!! After his death, many people talked about his symphony and tried to make it seem like it really was completed. But, no, it wasn’t “done” so others finished it for him. Well, like Franz, I have some unfinished work from long ago. One is a quilt, all ready to be hand quilted in a quilt frame. All that’s missing is my ambition.

And, I have another project, older than the quilt, that is an “unfinished symphony” in itself. Unfinished, like the Franz project, for various reasons. Who knows why we put something down and never pick it up again???

So, I took this embroidered cloth out that was worked on years ago, gave it a look, and gathered my supplies. I do have a lot of yarn, I have a hoop and needles. The areas that need to be finished are the birds in the trees.  You can’t see them very well but they are there.  No excuses for doing it now!!!  Do not want to leave it for someone else to finish.  Do not want it tossed out in the donation bag.  And, especially, do not want anyone else getting the credit for all my hard work!!!

I can’t for the life of me think about what to do with it when completed. A wall hanging??? A table topper??? A window shade??? Looks like I’ll have to keep my mind on the fact that I’m working on something totally useless but, in the back of my mind, I know I’ve done THAT before!!!