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First installment…Ford World Headquarters, 1966 restored Ford detail, Ford Edge Artwork, Mustang interior signed by Carroll Shelby. More to come…I took about 350 photos!!!

Mustang Show - A Blast!!!

Just had to give you a little peak at the photos I took at the Mustang 50th Anniversary in Dearborn. I have over 350 photos which I will put in gallery form if possible. Then I will post so all can see. This was a delightful event with hundreds of people (they were supposed to be all employees and retirees). Got a free cupcake out of the deal and was allowed in Ford World Headquarters to see some really neat models and other things that are there. OK, yes, now I’ve decided to buy a fully equipped Mustang so I can drive it all over the place…and, yes, that’s probably another senior moment!!!

My Birthday Cake in Progress (recipe courtesy of Local Kitchen)

Thank you Local Kitchen for this very unusual recipe. The cake batter is thick and rich and fragrant!!! I just got done baking the layers and can hardly wait to frost it. After I re-blogged it on 4/10/2014, I couldn’t quit looking at the photo so…had to make it myself.

Out to the store I’m going for a “beet.” I just love the idea of tinting the frosting with that kind of vegetable dye!!!. You have given me several good hints about transporting the cake so I will really try to be careful with it.

I’m hoping my cake will look as droopy, thick and luscious as yours!!! Anyone who wants this recipe can find it on Local Kitchen (kami’s birthday cake 2014). I hope to finish the cake over the next couple of days…the layers should be chilled before final frosting. All good things take long, don’t they???

Tatsoi with Sesame-Ginger Dressing

I have a bag of tatsoi and decided it needed to be used this weekend. What I like about some recipes is that they use up things in my cupboard which would otherwise get lost forever in the back only to be taken out…in time to be tossed out!!!

And, you know me with glass jars…see that one holding the dressing??? How great it is to have extra jars clean and ready for my next project. Thank you, Kalyn’s Kitchen for this perfect dressing recipe.


12 oz. Tatsoi leaves, cut into strips

2 T. soy sauce
1 T. rice vinegar
1 t. grated ginger root
1 t. sugar
1/2 t. Sriracha
pepper to taste

Sesame seeds (toasted) for garnish

Wilt Tatsoi by dumping into boiling water. After one minute, remove and immediately put in ice water. Assemble all dressing ingredients in a glass jar and shake well. Drain Tatsoi well and pour on dressing. Mix well. Chill about one hour.

Serve on a plate sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Kami’s Birthday Cake 2014


I need to make this for sure!!!

Originally posted on :

citrus-layer-cake I loved this cake. I loved its perfectly imperfect messy abandon. I loved its sweet-tart Meyer cloud cream, made with the very last of my Meyer lemon stash, and generously dolloped between layers of cake. I loved those layers of cake: orange-zest-spiked, tender and moist, perfectly flat. I loved the droopy, thick & luscious cream cheese icing, made a glorious pinky-purple with a reduced beet purée, and I loved the finishing touch, a light sprinkle of homemade orange sugar, for color and swank and just that little extra sparkle. And I loved that it was glamorous, and just a little bit sophisticated, to celebrate the birthday of a nearly-grown-up-now girl of 10 whole years old.

And then: I drove to said 10 year-old girl’s house. And it all fell apart. Literally. Forty-five minutes and a cake’s lifetime away. And I did the Charlie Brown walk into the house, sad broken…

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Farm Fresh Tatsoi

So tired from the farm today that I can hardly think of what to do with this fresh-picked Tatsoi. But, that doesn’t mean I won’t have some ideas for tomorrow!!! And, brought home lettuce too so…maybe a salad??? I feel like I’m almost getting into my healthy mode…almost!!!

It's all in the details (Mustang details, that is)!!!

Cars, cars everywhere!!! Why??? Because this is the home of Ford World Headquarters. April 17, New York World’s Fair, 1964, introduced the Mustang that is still going strong today!!! Many special events are taking place this month all over the United States to mark that date. I have entered a contest or two to win a brand new Mustang but…haven’t heard from them yet!!!

Great American Pony Drive???

Yes, it headed out of Ford World Headquarters today for the Mustang 50th Anniversary Celebration. Unfortunately, it was a little bit rainy and I was early so…didn’t see much except a couple of really cool newer Mustangs all ready to take off. This is quite a great event and how I wish I could go!!!

Revisiting Almond Cloud

Needed to take cookies with me tonight. Didn’t want to use much product ($). Didn’t want to spend much time. Just wanted to make something and go to an event.

So…what better than these Almond Cloud cookies. Basically, 4 ingredients if you don’t count the almond flavoring (actually optional).

These cookies are VERY GOOD and I haven’t found anyone who doesn’t like them. I also discovered that they are extremely EASY TO MAKE if done in a food processor. So…see what you think!!!


1 can (8 oz.) almond paste – easily removed from the can by taking off both ends with a can opener and pushing the paste through
1 c. granulated sugar
2 large egg whites
confectioner’s sugar for topping
Almond extract to taste – optional

Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper. Using a food processor and plastic blade, drop the segments of almond paste into the processor while it is on. Process for a moment or two until the paste is broken up onto small bits then add the sugar. Continue to pulse until combined. Through the top, add the egg whites. Pulse until fairly smooth (you will still see a lumpy effect). Use a spatula and scrape the bottom of the processor bowl a few times. Using a medium scoop, drop the dough onto the baking pans. Sprinkle heavily with confectioners sugar. See those indentations??? Those were made with my two fingers. Bake 20-25 minutes. Watch carefully until browned around the edge. Cool right on the pan.

This recipe only made about 15 cookies which is a pretty good amount to take to a function on a beautiful plate. You will get lots of compliments if…you can avoid eating them before others get a chance!!!


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